About Our CD REviews
All of the CD Reviews at SmoothViews are written by members of our Executive Staff.  Our policy is simple:

We have chosen to limit the number of reviews each month to five CDs, so while we stand firmly behind every CD we review, we are in no way implying that these are the only CDs worthy of our recommendations.  And while we welcome any and all CD submissions, we would also like to note that many of the CDs we review are purchased by members of our staff. 

About Submitting CDs for review
We welcome any and all Smooth Jazz CD submissions. We listen to and consider all submissions, but all CDs regardless of source are held to the highest standards of quality applicable to commercial smooth jazz. 

CDs may be mailed to: 

660 Village Green Pkwy
Newport News, VA 23602

Digital copies may be submitted to any staff member.
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