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Review by:
Bonnie Schendell


It’s been seventeen years since Peter White played at Blues Alley in Georgetown.  A lot has happened to Peter in that time, including the release of nine albums.  So, it was with massive enthusiasm, fun, great stories, and tons of fantastic music, old and new, that Peter and his band played eight shows over four days at the local DC club.

Peter’s band was very different from 1994 as well.  This time he appeared with sax man, Jaared, Gregg Karukas on keys, bassist extraordinaire, David Dyson, and local drummer, Chris “Biscuit” Bynum, who Peter had just met three days earlier.  The band hit the stage and immediately took the crowd by storm with the “Mr. Magic Medley.”  The crowd was into it from the first note.  Peter then went into a story about a talking horse and his heart broken owner, which was the prelude to “Ramon’s Revenge,” a very Latin influenced tune.  Peter really kicked it out for this song!  “Who’s that Lady” was another favorite and gave Gregg Karukas a chance to tickle those keys for his hometown crowd.  (He is originally from Bowie, MD)  The next thing we knew, the tune had morphed into “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”

In a tribute to our dear friend, Wayman Tisdale, Peter performed his hit tune, “Bright.”  It made me relive the times I had seen Wayman perform and how much I miss his playing and that big smile.  It was wonderful to hear an oldie that I hadn’t heard Peter play in a long time, “Caravan of Dreams.”  That was a treat!  Then the reigns were turned over to Jaared for his song “Dancing With You” from his latest release, Manhattan Nights.  Jaared was his usual animated self, going out into the audience and finding lovely ladies to serenade!  Gregg Karukas got his time in the spotlight with his track, “Girl in the Red Dress.”  I don’t get to see Gregg that often, and each time I do, I realize how incredibly talented he is.

Back to an oldie, Peter played “How Deep is Your Love,” from the Reflections CD, which was released the same year as the last time he had played at Blues Alley.  “Walk On By” was another old favorite, with a bass solo by David Dyson.  He is so understated when he plays, but packs a ton of depth.  The night ended with the always exciting, “Bueno Funk.”  The crowd was on their feet and so appreciative of everything this top guitarist and his band put forth.

Please, Peter, don’t let another seventeen years go by before returning to Blues Alley.  I can’t wait that long!