Release Date:
February 5, 2008

Reviewed by:
Bonnie Schendell

In this time where smooth jazz radio is slowly disappearing, an independent artist has a really tough time.  Even when smooth jazz radio was flourishing, independent artists rarely got air play.  But that never deterred guitarist Patrick Yandall from putting his music out there for all to enjoy.  Laws of Groovity is Patrick’s ninth CD and truly one of his best. 

The opening song, a cover of Ronnie Laws’ “Always There,” takes on a new vibe through Patrick’s guitar work.  This is a classic song known by all and Patrick makes it his own with great guitar licks backed by an upbeat horn section. 

The title track gets its groove from the influences on Patrick’s music by George Benson and Wes Montgomery.  The electric guitar offers up a fun melody flanked by the keyboard.  It definitely sets the mood for this CD.  “It’s Our Time” showcases the diversity that Patrick has in his playing.  This is a slow-tempo tune with a romantic vibe.  Get your Samba going with “Viejo Amigo.”  This Latin-infused track is one to get up and move to.  Patrick reaches down to his roots with many of his compositions, and this is no exception.   

“Yearning for Your Love,” a hit for the Gap Band back in 1981, has been covered by other smooth jazz artists, but Patrick takes this ballad and reinvents it with smooth guitar riffs and great drum beats.  Picking up the pace with “Let’s Flow,” Patrick give us his signature sound on the guitar.  It’s quick-paced, crisp and clear with a likeable melody.  “Your Satisfaction” is fun tune you crank up while driving around town.  It’s got a catchy beat, and great horn and keyboards surrounding the passionate guitar that nearly sings.  “Turn Down the Lights’ is another ballad that just oozes emotion from Patrick’s guitar.  She really shines on these type of tracks. 

“Law St. Locals” is once again giving what I call Patrick’s signature sound with an R&B touch.  There is a quality about this that you can quickly identify with his music.  Back again to the Latin grooves, “Gaviotas” makes you want to get up and dance.  “The New Sound” is a blend of R&B with jazz and some Hip-Hop.  A very cool mixture with just enough background vocals to add interest.  Closing out this CD is “Madre.”  This track is pure guitar and again shows the emotion that Patrick puts into all of his compositions and playing. 

Patrick Yandall still remains somewhat under the radar, but hopefully more listeners will appreciate the depth of his abilities whether it’s playing or composing.  Laws of Groovity is another terrific offering from this guitarist.  Check out CDBaby, and for more information.