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Release Date:
October 24, 2011

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

It is hard to believe, but this marks the seventeenth release from this hard working sax man who also spends time with the super group the Sax Pack. Kim Waters continues to thrill his fans with rich melodies and love songs that become favorites in just a short time. The offering here is no different and incorporates some great talent to make This Heart of Mine one of his best in years.

The first track entitled "Heart Seeker" gets you right away as the groove is laid down at a leisurely pace. There's a lot going on with this one that shows off Kim's sax. It leads in to the first single called "Free Fall." The background beat is the bottom layer for Waters' sax as the pace picks up and moves you along at a nice pace. I like where he goes with this one, and I’m sure it will be a favorite of yours as well. Vocalist Calvin Richardson is featured on "Am I A Fool" that also has a new video that goes with it. Says Waters who wrote this one "about a man who is so in love with his woman that he lets her run all over him and take advantage of his kindness." The two of them play this one off really well as both the vocals and sax shine til the end. "Empire State of Mind" may be one of my favorites here. The background is fairly simple, and you can hear a lot of the sax as he takes it to a lot of places that show off his abilities on the horn. The background vocals only enhance the song that is a play off the Billy Joel standard.

He picks up the pace and has everyone stepping out on "The Groove's Alright." This will be a quick favorite and one you'll want to rewind to often. Waters slows it down for a couple of his famous love songs on "I Love My Girl" and "Love Letter" followed by the seductive "Stay With Me Tonight." He picks up the pace once more for the resounding "Running To Love." This tends to be another one of my favorites as Kim's sax shines throughout. The back beat keeps this one going, and you'll be bopping along til the end. He finishes this project with a song he dedicates to his musically gifted twin daughters called "Double Two Love." Says Waters, "This is my way to express my love for them through music and gives them something to share with their friends and family forever." You can feel the heart felt presence in each note as he ends this one on such a positive note.

This is one that I know you're going to like, and Kim Waters fans will enjoy. There is a lot here to offer and I hope you can find a copy of This Heart of Mine real soon.