Release Date:
March 11, 2008

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline
The latest release from bassist Gerald Veasley is titled Your Move. The cover shows Veasley super imposed between several chess pieces, and it looks like he’s on the move. It is his first studio release in several years while making quite a statement. Joined by producer/guitarist Chuck Loeb, this one takes on a different feel than his previous releases.

The first song is an “in your face” kind of bass song that Gerald rarely performs because he enjoys showcasing the rest of the band. Penned by Loeb, this one starts the disc off right, and sets the tone for the rest of the others. Aptly titled “Hear Now”, it features Veasley throughout while he generates infectious riffs and addictive syncopated runs. Loeb is on hand with guitar, keys, and drums. The first single is one that you’ve probably been hearing on the radio. It’s another Loeb tune that has his distinct sound. “Slip and Slide” has that easy going beat to it as Chuck and Gerald play off of each other through the entire piece. “So Close to the Sun” slows the pace down somewhat and is a little darker in its delivery. John Swana’s muted trumpet plays well with Veasley’s echoing bass. It continues to grow as it reaches the end. One of my favorites is the upbeat and happy “Greenwood.” Named for the area of South Carolina where many of his relatives live, this one is fun to listen to. Chris Farr’s soprano leads the way through most of this one, but it still features some great work by Veasley as well.

The title track is a lively, moving, upbeat Loeb number. Farr leads in again with the intro and chorus, while Loeb brings in his own synth bass, guitar, and keys. This one is catchy and I think you’ll be hearing more from it as the summer passes. Veasley keeps the groove going as it “moves” off into the sunset. “Cross Currents” may be one of the most interesting ones here style wise. It is a tribute to the late Grover Washington, Jr. and Joe Zawinul who founded Weather Report who passed away this last summer. Gerald wrote this one with a lot of heart, and plays his six string throughout. “I always thought that it would be interesting to write a song that would have influences of having worked with both of them.” Listen carefully and you’ll hear a little bit of each.

"Thank You” is a take on the 1970 classic from Sly and The Family Stone. This one comes off well, and is a lot of fun. I know you’ll enjoy this one live. “Traveling Light” is co-written by Veasley and Loeb. It slows the pace down a little while featuring both artists through most of the composition. “Roxanne’s Dance” finishes off the set with a romantic song dedicated to his wife by the same name. Gerald’s five string acoustic bass is featured extensively while being highlighted by Farr’s tenor. It continues to build, while finishing to an emotional ending. Check mate.

Gerald Veasley brings so much to this release. The addition of Chuck Loeb brings another dimension to the mix that adds a new flair. It’s great that they’re both “string” players and understand what it means to play great music. It’s a nice combo. Now that you’ve read the review, it’s Your Move to pick up a copy soon.