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Release Date:
June 14, 2011

Reviewed by:
Bonnie Schendell

Every two years you can count on saxman Paul Taylor to release a new album.  This is his year.  On June 14th, Paul will be releasing his latest offering, Prime Time, a collection of ten tracks filled with emotion.  Co-writing with Paul is Dino Esposito, who has been collaborating with him since his 1997 “Pleasure Seeker,” and between the two of them, have come up with seven outstanding instrumentals and four vocals.

Opening the CD, is the first single, “Push to Start,” with its driving beat, background strings, and infectious melody.  It is pure Paul Taylor and will have you dancing in no time.  “Moment of Truth” continues with the signature Paul sound on the soprano sax and adds some funky guitar riffs throughout to keep you on this grooving path.  For some cool vocoder vocals mixed with the sax, check out “Don’t Wanna Let You Go.”  This track has a very Caribbean feel to it; that cool island beat.  Slowing things down is the soulful ballad “Can’t Nobody” with Paul’s sax taking a back seat to the sultry lyrics.  “Horizon” is another beat driven tune.  It starts out slow, with a terrific guitar lead, and builds into the slow melody of the sax, backed by the guitar, vocals, and that infectious beat.

“Laronda” kicks right in with Paul’s sound on the soprano and never stops.  The vocals are just enough to keep things interesting with the sax playing note-for-note right along with them.  “Say No More” starts off with a gentle piano and sax duet, but then lets the sax take over the melody, but the keys are not far behind.  It’s a subdued track that allows you to truly hear the message of the music.  By contrast, “Space” has a driving beat, and in-your-face vocals.  Paul takes more of a sideman position in this one.  The title track goes back to everything we love about Paul Taylor’s sound.  It’s upbeat and funky with a great beat to get you moving.  Closing the CD, is “Use Somebody,” which starts out with a lovely piano which is then joined by the sax.  They make beautiful music together throughout this piece.  It’s sweet and soulful. 

Once again, Paul Taylor has given his signature sound, funky grooves, and great beats to a collection of songs that are sure to satisfy every taste.  He has not disappointed this fan either!  Well done, Paul!