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Release Date:
August 9, 2011

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Trumpeter Joey Sommerville’s latest release has a real club feel to it as he incorporates help from some good friends in a release that’s sure to have you getting down as well. It hits the ground running with the opener “Make The Spot Hot.” The driving bass with added vocals of the title make this one a fun one to start off with. Add in some good sax by Ryan Whitehead and you have a “hot” one right away. Marion Meadows is featured on “Swag” as the two of them play off each other really well. His soprano soars and plays along with Joey’s trumpet for a delightful number. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more of this one. “Con Sabor” has a little more of a Latin feel to it, and really shows off Joey’s ability on trumpet. This is a fun that I think you’ll be snapping your fingers to as well.  Syncopated keys add to the background of “On And On.” Joey lets it all out here and shows off some of his best playing on the album.

“Love In Stereo” features the vocals of Xavier Lewis as the mood slows down somewhat. Joey finishes this one out nicely as he and the keyboards come together for a nice ending. “I’m Home” features Bob Baldwin and Eric Essex in another one that adds soul to the production. It has a real laid back feel to it as they “take it home.”  Alex Lattimore and Najee help pick it up again on “Just Let Go.” The vocals are smooth here and Najee adds just the right touch on flute. This one has a lot going on with it and has a real jazz club feel to it. “Flip It” is loaded in syncopation and features Ryan Whitehead on sax again. He finishes up with a real nice one featuring Jeff Lorber on “Primitive Cool.” He adds some really nice keys here that make this one a good one to close out on.

The tracks here all lay out well and for the most have a real club feel to them. You can even hear him crank up his motorcycle and drive off in the end. The addition of various guest artists makes this one you’ll want to check out soon. This Atlanta native has a lot to offer and I think you enjoy it this fall.