Release Date:
July 7, 2009

Reviewed by:
Mary Bentley

There is something to be said about a CD that makes you feel good as soon as you hit the play button.  That's not unheard of, but  if you continue to listen, and you're still feeling good, and the songs just keep getting better, then you know you've got a keeper. 

The opening track, "To the Floor" is a smooth jazz nod to dance hall/club music.  Saxophone player Art Sherrod is joined by U-Nam on guitar, and together they make you feel the beat and want to get up and dance.  On the next track, "Thinking of You" Art's soulful playing is accented by Will Downing"s equally as soulful vocal chorus.  It has just the right blend of vocal and instrumental soul. 

The next track, "Just Chillin'" took me by surprise.  This song features a great bass line, which compliments Sherrod's saxophone playing, whether they're playing in harmony together, or in a call-and-response.  So which great bass player is laying it down here?  It's Gerald Albright!  This is not a typo.  Master saxophone player Gerald Albright is the bass player on this track.

"You're the One" features Tracy Hamlin on vocals and is another upbeat, danceable tune.  The CD continues with a mixture of soft, rich tunes like "Everything Will Be Alright," and upbeat melodies like "Smooth Groove," which features Marcus Johnson on keyboards, and some tunes like the title track, "Seasons," where Art is joined by Chuck Loeb.  Art even touches on his spiritual side with "On Sunday Morning," and "We Fall Down." As I said earlier, this CD continued to make me happy the more I listened to it.  I enjoyed every track.