Release Date:
September 29, 2009

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Somehow you just hoped or thought there would be a follow up to their 2008 release. Saxophonists Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole and Kim Waters are back with the Sax Pack this fall and pick up right where they left off. The “pack” is seen on the cover sipping champange and you know right away that success breeds success. All ten songs here are joint in their delivery as all three artists play together throughout. That adds up to some great harmonies, as well as some featured solos. As on the first release, it takes some careful listening to figure which “voice” is which. 

“Wanna Get Closer” features a lot of Kashiwa in this mid tempo opener that also features some newer sounding harmonies on the chorus. They pick the beat up a little bit with some back claps and keys before the three launch into the first single called “Can’t Help Myself.” All three lend in on the solo work here between a catchy chorus. “Smooth As Silk” kicks off with some funky guitar riffs before settling in on featured solos from the three. The riffs continue through out, and is matched by harmonic under tones from the pack. “Are You Ready” is a great up tempo song that will be a good one to dance to. I’m amazed at how well these guys play together here to sound as one! The title track is one you’ll remember for a while as well. Funky in its approach, Cole takes the early lead followed by Waters and Kashiwa. This will be a fun one in concert.

“All That I Am” slows down the pace somewhat and is more deliberate in its delivery. “Here To Stay” begins with finger popping and a crisp introduction. All three play well together and continue to shine on the solo areas. They finish up with a special remix of their hit “Fallin’ For You.” It’s a great way to tie into the first disc.

If you liked the first disc, I know you’re going to love the second one as well. These guys play so well together in the studio, and have so much fun on the road. It is good news to know The Pack Is Back!