Release Date:
August 26, 2008

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

This is the second time out for this trumpet player out of Virginia. He starts this project off with the title track, which catches your attention right away.  A good beat will get you every time, and that holds true for this one. The multi-layers give a nice background for Rountree's muted trumpet through most of this one.

"Let It Ride" is a little more laid back in its approach. It features a more melodic chorus, and shows a completely different side of Rountree.  "Chillin On" is heavily influenced by the guitar of Perry Hughes in the opening, only to give way to the trumpet once again. They play off of each other through out and you never get tired of it. This sounds like a good concert number as Lin shows off some good chops here. "Groovalicious" was a bit more laid back than what the title let on to believe. The multi layers are good and add to the overall feel of this one. A nice hook keeps you hanging around.

The tropical feel comes from the backbeat on "She's Just a Woman" while "Seldom Sunday" features Bamm Davis and the muted trumpet of Rountree. A favorite has to be "Feet on The Ground". The piano here is fresh, while Rountrees' trumpet soars throughout. "Fresh Funk" is a real toe tapper, as this one gets going early and makes you feel good.  One of the closers is a nicely titled "You Will Always." Rountree shows a more soulful side as this one plays off of acoustic piano.

For those of you who are avid trumpet fans, you'll be pleased with this CD from Lin Rountree. There just never seems to be enough good trumpet out there, and I think there's enough here to really like.