Release Date:
August 18, 2009

Reviewed by:
Bonnie Schendell

Try Something Neu, the third CD released by sax man Andrew Neu, is definitely something “Neu!”  This CD will have you moving right from the start.  Add in Chuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, Gerald Veasley, Bobby Caldwell, and Dan Siegel and you can’t go wrong with adding this to your collection.

The CD kicks off with “Chez Cool” featuring Chuck Loeb, who adds some amazing guitar riffs.  The melody is infectious and has some great exchanges between the two artists.  It’s a great intro to this funky collection of tunes.  “Libra Rising” was written by Brian Bromberg and has both terrific soprano and tenor sax grooves along with the signature Bromberg bass lines.  Very cool.  “South by Southwest” again adds Chuck Loeb and also Gerald Veasley, and gives an old school R&B groove.  Written by Neu and really shows the level he has brought his music to.

“Open Mind” featuring Dan Siegel on keys, is a totally laid back tune with great solo work shown by Neu.  This is just a nice tune to close your eyes and groove to.  On “The Way Forward,” written by Chuck Loeb, Andrew is featured solely and prominently.  He captures your attention from the start and he takes a few improvisational chances on that totally work.  It’s a gentle track but one that fits the whole flow of the CD.  Covering a Bobby Caldwell tune, and bringing in the stellar vocalist himself, “Next Time I Fall (In Love)” works.  The additio0n of Neu’s sax is a nice touch to this tune.  There is also an instrumental version of the song at the end of the CD.

Heading back to what I would think of as an old school, Philly sound, “No Hang Tonight” is a fun track.  Lots of great horn work with Neu’s sax in the forefront bringing it all together.  The piano/key work of Demetrios Pappas is just terrific!  For another peaceful, gentile smooth jazz groove, tune into “Wanderlust.”  It’s a very simple, melodic track that fits the total groove again.  “The Nut” brings back the funk with the big horns and old school sound.  Andrew Neu takes over the lead and keeps the funk flowing.  One of my favorite tracks.

The title track brings it all together.  “Try Something Neu” is a feel good tune with the funk, groove and polished sax work that you’ve been hearing throughout the entire album.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as a hit single.

Andrew Neu has put together a terrific CD offering here with old school horns, funky grooves and delicate melodies.  He has proven himself to be not just and up and comer any longer.  Andrew Neu is here to stay!  So, if you want a Neu original CD with plenty of great music, Try Something Neu!