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Release Date:
March 20, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Twelve classic tunes from guitarist Ken Navarro span the past couple of decades. This is a great CD to sit down and listen to. It’s solo guitar at it’s best, as he plays all the parts simultaneously and without any overdubs. There are a lot of favorites here, and he approaches each one with a lot of depth and style.

Opening with John Lennon’s “Imagine,” he sets the tone for the project right away with this classic that touches our emotion on every chord. There’s a lot going on here with this arrangement as he adds some great back ground on strings while continuing on with each verse and chorus. He takes this one to new heights as it grows in intensity to the very end. “Little Martha” from Duane Allman is an interesting addition as Navarro stretches back to his rock days. The syncopated strings along with the touch of percussion makes this one a good one as well. One of the favorites has to be Sting’s “Message In A Bottle.” This is an amazing piece of work when you really break it down. The back ground notes continue along as the story is told through out. He is all over the guitar with the high notes as well into the lower register for the bass. Articulate phrasing makes this one a real pleasure to listen to.

Taking three from Lennon and McCartney, he plays homage to the Beatles “Eight Days a Week”, “Ticket to Ride” and “Day Tripper.” Each one stands on its own and are a nice trio of to include here. Another favorite would be Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” and Pat Metheny’s “Letter from Home.” I like what he does with both of these as he adds new life to them both. You know right away the distinct opening of Carlos Santana’s “Europa.” This one takes on sort of a Spanish feel as he adds more accompaniment to one of my favorites. He mixes it up a little here and takes it to a wonderful ending. After a little bit of Bach, the project ends on the always dreamy “When You Wish Upon A Star.” It makes you think as you listen, that no matter what, your dreams can true.

This project is both fun, thought provoking, and a lot of good music. Though simple in its approach, it becomes some what complicated in the arrangements and the performance. You can tell a lot has gone into both the selection of the songs as well as how they were to be played. I believe you’re going to enjoy this solo work from this well known guitarist as each song stands The Test of Time.