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Release Date:
Mar 30, 2010

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Saxophonist Jaared (Arosemena) releases his fourth disc entitled Manhattan Nights just in time for the spring tours. It’s a highly anticipated release following his successful disc Addiction. The fourteen tracks here are full of energy along with some great riffs and a lot of fun.

“If You Know What I Mean” starts the whole thing off with a rousing song that has him stretching the limits of his horn. The back beat keeps pumping, and he’s all over the place with the sax. This will be a fun one to see live. “That’s What She Said” slows the pace down a little from the opener and has a good beat to it that you’ll be humming along with in no time. The chorus here is catchy while not getting in too big of a hurry. “Always Together” incorporates some great guitar and takes on a more introspective role from the artist. I’m sure this is one you’re going to be hearing this spring. There’s a sultry feel to “Love You All Night Long.” The mix here is interesting while not straying far from its focal core.

He picks the pace up again on “One More Time.” I really like the layers of sax through the chorus. It gives a nice lead in to some great individual solos. The electric guitar work brings a nice touch for a rousing ending. “Coolsville” starts with a little guitar giving way to Jarred’s sax. It reminds me of one you would hear under the palms on a summer evening. It makes you feel good and is well written. The most interesting title has to be “No Nacho’s For Puppies.” It follows a lot of the same theme of the previous song but with much more syncopation. “Dreaming of You” slows the pace down considerably and shows us the other side of this artist. I really like what he’s presenting here. While romantic in the delivery, it still stands on its own musically with favorable jumps and modulations. Hit the repeat button here, and check it out again.

Things get groovy on “D’Groovealoucious.” Too slow to be considered upbeat while a little more up tempo than the previous. This one has a good feel to it that continues to push along a nice beat. Add in some nice piano work, and this one stands on its own as Jaared continues with the repeatable phrases that turn it into a good party song. I really like the title track a lot. It has a lot going for it, including a nice driving beat, and horn accents. It’s a foot tapper all right, and one that shows off this saxophonist’s skills. The final selection is called “A Song For Diane;” a stunning ballad written for a friend who tragically lost her life. This one comes from the heart, and you feel that. The acoustic guitar plays nicely with his soprano, and is a lovely way to finish the disc.

There is so much here to offer you. Jaared approaches Manhattan Nights from so many angles, and hits each one right on the money. I’ve really enjoyed this release, and look forward to hearing it played out on the road this summer. Be sure to check it out yourself.