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Release Date:
July 9, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Barely out of high school, and still just a teenager, this Connecticut youngster follows up his initial release from two years ago with a widely anticipated project entitled Can’t Stop Now. Amazingly he plays all the instruments here (except for two that feature guest artists) and does pretty good with that as well.

The title track is one that he’s most proud of and rightly so. The mysterious beginning gives way to some nice bopping backgrounds that only serve as a launching pad for his sax. The sax here tells a story, and it’s never boring in what it has to say. He allows it to flow at a nice pace while occasionally taking it to new highs. Even the interlude is laid out nicely as he battles back and forth with himself on keys. “If I Could Fly” is a little more dreamy in its approach. A nice back beat accompanies Vince through out. He’s allowed to shine on keys as you pick up the cover once more to see who’s playing. “Read Between The Lines” starts off with some nice piano before bringing in Ingala’s sax. Once again, he handles the keys like a pro with some really good work. The overall effect is a very subdued piece of music that goes together nicely. He picks up the pace for the snappy “Wish I Was There.” I look to see who’s playing this great guitar, and you guessed it. I think you’ll like this one a lot. Very impressive.

He brings in his good friend Jonathan Fritzen for “Kimi Trick.” The keys set the framework on this one and Vincent adds his magic on sax. The leisure approach works well as both up and coming musicians show their talents. He cranks it up once again for a little burner called “This Time Baby.” The beginning is tight with a lot of syncopation that leads to a highly interlude from Vince. The groove is good, and the hook is set right away for one that I know will play well live. His sax soars as this one comes to a roaring finish. Another keyboardist adds into the mix as Gregg Karukas is featured on “Groovin U.” Like the previous duo, this one goes along a nice slow pace showing off each artist. Vince modulates into some of his best work on the record here as you can feel the music coming from the heart. “Sexy Mama” is purely Vincent all the way. With just a little bit of keys in the background, he’s out front early on this one and stays there till the end with some really great sax. He finishes off the project with the snappy “Just Imagine.” He continues to let his keys shine while adding some good touches on sax once more. It’s a good one to finish off on, and gives you a good feeling as you leave.

I hope you’re able to check out these nine new tracks from of America’s up and coming sax artists. I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve heard here, and I’m sure you will be as well. There are not many teenagers that I know who have released their second CD, play every instrument on it, and have it climbing the Billboard charts. Good stuff here and you’ll need to check him out in concert if he’s ever near your town.