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Release Date:
March 26, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Legendary jazz/funk/soul artists Incognito hits this spring with a fourteen track buffet of good music, vocals and good times. This fifteenth album originally started out with 50 songs, narrowed down to 30 then 25 and finally these that made the final cut. Well crafted as always, there’s not an empty corner where another note is needed.  The use of multi-vocals keeps this one on the cutting edge. The band explores the future with the vocals of Vanessa Haynes, Natalie Williams and Mo Brandis. Add in a few more vocals of Maysa, you have a tour de force. Says producer Bluey, “I hope when people hear Surealthey identify with the songs and see themselves in the stories. I hope the feel the bass and drums in their guts and see this album as a complete work from the beginning to end.”

Maysa leads the vocals on the opener “The Less You Know” that moves along well with some great riffs that will have you moving right away. The constant back beat along with syncopated horns makes this one a great starting point. Up and coming vocalist Mo Brandis is featured on the upcoming hit “Goodbye To Yesterday.” This one stands squarely on its own and Brandis’ vocals are a good fit. A third vocalist, Natalie Willams (who co-wrote the song) is featured on “Above The Night” as they slow it down a bit and celebrate the nature of true love. “Ain’t It Time” features Haynes once more on vocals as she really hits one out of the park on this fast paced song. Love the great trombone solo from Alistar White. Maysa lends her vocals to the catchy “Capricorn Sun” that has the strength to be another single for Incognito.

A great horn intro leads the way for Brandis once more as his voice is a perfect fit for “Don’t Want To Know.” I like how this one flows, the background horns are a great touch throughout. Williams is back for the sultrier “Restless As We Are” as she sings about the early stages of romance and all that goes with it. “Rivers of the Sun” is and instrumental that shows off the bands ability to push the envelope a little. Funky driving back beat along with sharp horns will make this one a favorite as well. Haynes leads the vocals on “To Be With You” as this one flows nicely into Brandis’ laid back “This Must Be Love” which is dedicated to those in need of that four letter word. “The Way You Love” picks up the pace once more and brings in the vocals of Haynes, Brandis and Imaani. It has a disco feel to it and a real fun one to bring out. They close with the instrumental “Thoughtful Fantasies” which features a lot of this great horn section. The sax of Jamie Anderson comes front and center along with White’s trombone and Matt Coopers keys as the band goes out with a bang.

Hard to believe that the group has been around for 33 years, and continues to make such great new music. If you like great vocals complemented by shearing horns, and some funky beats along the way, then I know you need to check out Surealfrom Incognito today!