Release Date:
Ocotber 17, 2007

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

The latest release from this keyboardist is loaded with a lot of syncopated rhythms, nice arrangements, and some good musical friends on board to make it interesting. You may have heard some of these tunes on the Weather Channel in the past month, and wondered who it was. There are fourteen new cuts here for this Nuance recording artist.

“Groove Detective” is a great one to kick Timeless World off. It is a catchy number with a lot of syncopated riffs that make Geith’s keys sound both lively and light. The repeating riffs make this one you will remember for some time. The title track comes early and picks up where the first track leaves off. The sax interlay of Fred Scerbo is a nice touch, as is Matt Marshak’s guitar. Geith’s keyboard spends much of the time in the upper register, which adds to the overall appeal. “Waves of Life” has a driving back beat which keeps it going while acoustic guitar is brought in for effect. One of the favorites has to be “Morning Starlight” with its lively piano and more guitar mixed in. The keys stay light while the cords don’t come across too heavy. It is a natural lead in for “Restless Heart” as it picks up the pace even more. The driving back beat of the drums continues throughout while combining some nice sax work again by Scerbo. This one has a great hook, and is one I know you’ll like. Both Sax and piano play off each other as this one comes to a close.

“Have I Told You Lately?” is a cover song of the Rod Stewart classic. It comes across so reflective and slower that you don’t realize what song it is until the chorus comes across. There is a great mix of piano and sax on “Zero Gravity.” It reminds me of the opening cut, and has excellent phrasing. Geith tickles the ivories here throughout, and closes with some great sax work again. “Nice to Meet You” incorporates an infectious hook as well as nice touches of both sax and guitar. The pace slows down somewhat for the reflective “I Will Remember You.” This one runs deep with romantic chords and a nice melody. The pace quickens in “Sweet Sensation.” A lot of the things that make this disc so good are rolled into this one. The keys continue to be lively without ever really bogging down. “Every Moment Everyday” is another favorite. Just be careful not to be behind the wheel when you crank this one up. This one says “go” from the beginning with its driving back beat. Geith’s lively keys float over that driving beat for the most part until he kicks it up a notch. The chorus has a catchy hook and finishes well. I think I’ll have to hit the repeat button here. The disc finishes up with a track called “So Many Days.” This one slows the pace down and is more pronounced in its delivery. Marshak’s guitar can be heard here in the background. It is more chord oriented than most of the previous cuts and ends up a nice one to go out with.

I really like what Geith has to say here. His piano stays light throughout and he brings a lot of new music in. There is only one cover tune, and the rest is new material. The mixing of additional instruments adds just enough to keep it interesting. I hope you can find a copy and enjoy this one soon.