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Release Date:
August 21, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Eleven new cuts from this Swedish keyboardist promises even more than his three previous releases. It is the follow up to his number one ranked Diamonds CD.  Having composed and produced all the cuts here, Fritzen brings in the services of noted artists such as Darren Rahn, Paul Brown, Vincent Ingala, and Boney James.

The title track kicks this one off and features the sax of Boney James. The two really play well together and are intertwined through out. This one moves along at a good pace and is a great showcase for both artists. James’ horn really shines and Fritzen is lively with the keys. It doesn’t stop there as Jackiem Joyner is featured on “Love Will Overcome.” If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll certainly enjoy this one as well. You hear a little more from Jonathan on this one, and then they both meet at the break and take it out to the end. Guitarist Paul Brown is brought in for the third track entitled “Sweet Spot.” This one is a lot more deliberate in its approach as the two slow down the pace somewhat. Brown’s sweet guitar riffs are a nice addition and the two take it on out for a nice finale. “Electric” kicks it into a completely different gear as Fritzen is featured solely on piano and keys. It really gives him a chance to stretch out, and show us what he can do. Randy Jacobs adds some great licks that make this one a song you may want to back up and hear again.

“Nostalgia” is mostly solo Fritzen and the mood more insightful and reflective as he is featured more on the piano. It is a great lead in for another favorite, “To The Top.” This one continues to grow and gain speed as it goes. Add in the infectious sax of Vincent Ingala, and you have quite the burner. These two really play well, and are intertwined in the chorus.  Vocalist Malene Mortensen adds a lot to the hauntingly beautiful “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind.” The pace picks up again on “Nordic Night” as the back beat moves this one along nicely and is a good showcase for Fritzen’s piano. I think you’ll like this one as much as I do, as he keeps the keys lively and shows off his talent. The pace slows down once again as saxophonist Darren Rahn is brought on board for the insightful “Lullaby.” Rahn does all the mixing on the album, so it’s good to have him in the “mix” on this one as well. It is a nice showcase for these two fine musicians, and really play well together. Fritzen closes out with a nice one called “Angels.” The mood is a bit more somber as he brings this project to an end.

Although he seems fairly new on the scene, Sweedish keyboardist Jonathan Fritzen has been around a few years, and brings a lot of “magic” to the table. Be sure to check out his latest release with all the guest artists. You will see why the combination is simply Magical.