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Release Date:
May 17, 2011

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

An interesting concept album from the ever popular sax artist Steve Grove (a.k.a. Euge Groove) is entitled S7ven Large which incorporates numbers into many of the song titles. The approach here is more laid back than with the six previous releases which allows more soul into his compositions.

The first track is a haunting little medley that features his soprano and stays close to the cuff throughout. The keyboard intro and snaps lead the way to “The Funky Bunch.” The tenor shines here instead. No one really tells a story with their sax like Groove can, and he does so here. The three note intro into the chorus will have fans happy as they catch that first familiar hook followed by the signature growl for which he is so famous. I think you’re going to like this one. The title track moves along at the same pace and features a lot of what we liked in the last song. The melody here is strong, and he carries it well through the whole song. Add in a little bit of guitar from Paul Brown and some nice piano work from Tracy Carter and you have an instant winner as this one moves happily along. “Prayer For Peace” sounds a little bit different than most of the others, but it gives Euge room to really stretch out with some emotion on his tenor. I really believe this is some of his best playing on the disc, and you can certainly feel the soul of the artist as he puts his all into it. “Gimme 6” is another good one that moves along well and features Rick Braun. Grove’s sax is a little more open here and plays off well with the trumpet background.

“Welcome To The Journey” is lighter and more lively than many of the previous tracks. The soprano shines well, and he moves along at a good pace. It gives way to the piano introduction for “Love Won’t Let Me Wait.” The more lush approach here has a slow two-step motion to it as well as a nice slow dance feel. The tenor plays along nicely and keeps everything in check. Paul Brown’s guitar once more adds a nice touch. There is a fluttering introduction on “To The Nines” which is also the ninth song on the disc. His tenor moves along nicely then incorporates some guitar from Peter White and background from the Gregg Karukas Orchestra.  He rounds out the set with “Ten 2 Two.” It is another soulful number that has Groove shining on tenor again. Karukas adds the backdrop and Jeff Golub shines on guitar. This could be a real show stopper live. It is a good one to end the album on.

It is hard to believe that this is already his seventh album so far and is sure to be one that his fans will enjoy. The pace is more subdued for the most part, but it really allows the artist to shine throughout the whole body of work. Be sure to pick up a copy soon.