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Release Date:
January 31, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Saxophonist Candy Dulfer takes a completely different approach this time out with some tracks that will surely get you going in no time at all. “Stop All That Noise” leads right into the title track that has a multi dimensional techno sound. The sax here is right out front and very aggressive as it mixes well with the back ground. She never stops and this one builds to a climactic ending as it leaves you begging for more. “Hey Now” keeps the beat going and continues the electo sound as she slows it down a little before she decides to pump it up a little with some bad bass parts and shearing sax. “Good Music” is pure Candy, and she has a good time here as most of the techno is replaced with some good vibes. It reminds me of some of her earlier dance stuff where the whole evening is one big party, and she’s there to bring it on.

“Compleca8ed Lives” is one of the smoother ones here as it picks up the techno beat and some good vocals that gives it a real journey feel. Dulfer’s sax isn’t put away, but instead shines brightly as this one moves along. You’ll be tapping toes to it all the way through. A quick intro and then we are introduced to one of the more interesting tracks on the album. “Electric Blue” has that “electric slide” feel to it with some really great bass clarinet parts through out along with some dance instructions that make you want to get out on the dance floor. I like what Candy does with her sax her as she takes this one over the top once more. “In Or Out” begins with Candy on solo sax before giving way to a nice vocal number about the ins and outs of love. She picks up the sax to accompany the vocals as it finishes to a nice conclusion. “I Do” is a thumper, over the top song that brings in vocals once more for another dance number that plays up well to “Rocket Rocket” and its techno feel.

She slows it down with “No End.” and has a lot of soul in this one. It is a sharp contrast to the multi layered tracks that we heard earlier. This one is all sax, and she fills each note from the beginning to the end. This is one you’ll want to hear again as electric guitar takes it to an emotional ending. Another intro and we’re back on the dance floor with “Please Don’t Stop.” Add in a few suggestive lyrics and some sultry sax and we have a hot little number. We end up with “Too Close” as we slow it down for a nice finale. Dulfer’s sax comes across clean as she shows why she’s such a great artist once more.

This one doesn’t come across as “smooth” by any means. The multi layered approach may not be for some, but Candy’s sax here can’t be denied. I really like how she has stepped out with the techno sound and all that goes with it. Her playing is really strong through out and comes across that way. Make sure you check out her latest release today, and be ready for a good time.