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Release Date:
November 9, 2010

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

With the holiday season upon us, it is good to be able to check out some of the new smooth jazz Christmas offerings to get us in a festive mood. Newcomer and guitarist Drew Davidsen releases some classics that are sure to please. The whole recording comes off as if you’re there with Drew and his band as it was recorded live together.

The classic “Angels We Have Heard On High” begins earnestly with the piano intro from Jason Webb and adds a real holiday feel against Davidsen’s lead. They mix it up a little on “Away In The Manger” as it has a jazzier “club” feel to it. I think you’ll enjoy this arrangement of a timeless classic. The real gem of this whole release is in the title track. The name comes from the addition of guitarists Chuck Loeb and Paul Jackson, Jr. Although it’s actually “We Three Kings”, the catchy name allows all three to shine here and play off each other really well. This version is snappy and a lot of fun.

Drew slows down a little on “God Rest Ye” and features some really nice piano from Pat Coil as well as the stand up bass lead from Craig Nelson. One of my favorites has to be his rendition of “Silent Night.” There is a lot of movement from Drew while keeping with this classic pure and interesting. The light bass and background percussion keeps it light and clean. The guitar was made for songs like “Carol Of the Bells.” While announcing this one initially on guitar, Davidsen launches into some great jazz licks along with his keyboardist. They bring it back home down the stretch for a rousing ending.

“Joy to the World,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and “Oh Holy Night” round out classics that you have enjoyed over the years. All three have a different approach than you are used to hearing, and will enjoy. “Christmas By The Cement Pond” is strictly Drew playing his guitar as he “sits by the pool” on Christmas. A fun way to close out the album.

Just add this one to your Christmas collection and feel the “stringz” that these players bring to the season. Happy holidays to you all……