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Release Date:
Feb. 22, 2011

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

I guess I’m drawn to music that makes me feel good, up lifts me, and allows me to escape from the day to day. It is one of the reasons I love smooth jazz so much, and really like the new release from guitarist Drew Davidsen. All the cuts here really make you feel good and are full of positive energy. The follow up release from his first disc is strong in material and is one that I think you are going to enjoy this spring.

The title track kicks everything off. The back beat is solid and lays a great groundwork for Drew’s guitar. The chorus is bouncy and moves along at a great pace. You’ll be hearing a lot of this one this year. It is a good lead in for “Don’t Delay.” The guitar soars here along with a nice synth solo from Eric Copeland. The hook here is a little more evident than in the title track, and you’ll be singing along to it long after it’s over. “Alexander’s Dream” is dedicated to the memory of Drew’s brother who passed away in 1981. The approach here is a little more laid back than on the previous tracks and is highlighted by some inspiring keys by Jay Rowe. “Global Sync” is almost a play on words as the tune takes on a calypso type back beat that remains syncopated through the song. Some of Davidsen’s best guitar work can be heard here as well. It continues along at a good pace and finishes in a flurry.

He takes a step back and shows his more acoustic side on “Catalina Blue.” This is a nice break from the ore up tempo cuts and highlights his guitar ability. “My Club Side” is one of my favorites and gets things going quickly. Drew is out front through out and is driven by a nice back beat that will have your head bobbing or your feet tapping through out. “Cosmopolitan” slows it down a little bit again and has a real Wes Montgomery feel to it. It’s a real showcase for Davidsen’s guitar, and he shines well throughout. My favorite of the whole disc has to be “On The Move.” The drive, hook and instrumentation are brought together for a perfect mix that make you feel good. Be listening for this one real soon. He mixes it up again with the club feel, “Drew’s Blues.” Interesting that it was written by his keyboardist, but it captures the essence of the band and comes across as a real show stopper. The organ solo is a nice touch and is accented by the guitar of Davidsen. He finishes the project with the gospel favorite, “My Father’s World.” This one is almost all Drew, and reminds me of some of his work from his Christmas disc that was released last year. It is a nice way to finish this special release.

Be sure to check this one out real soon. It has been one of my favorites of the new year, and one that I think you’ll like as well. I think Drew’s visit to the Nashville area (recorded just south of there) helped influence what he has to say here. Let’s give it another “spin” and hear it all again.