Release Date:
July 8, 2008

Reviewed by:
Bonnie Schendell

Nick Colionne – a name that automatically evokes a smile on people’s faces and the knowledge that you are about to have a party!  Nick’s latest release, No Limits, does not disappoint.  With a terrific blend of R&B, blues, instrumentals and vocals, Nick puts his unbridled touch on each and every song.  More so than any of his previous recordings, this CD is Nick Colionne – in passion, in emotions, and delivery.  If you have ever been to one of his concerts, you feel the same groove throughout this CD.  Aptly titled, this album proves that there are no limits to where he can go.  With talent like Nick’s, the sky’s the limit.
To get this party started, the CD opens with three instrumentals.  First is the title track.  Nick just kicks it in right from the start.  It is just incredible to hear how this guitarist’s playing has grown.  It’s crisp and tight, with a danceable melody.  “Steppin’ Back” keeps up the hard hitting groove, with a bluesy touch.  The driving beat just carries you along with Nick in the forefront making you want to get up and dance.  “The Big Windy Cat” is definitely leaning more toward the blues side of the street.  Nick’s guitar is moody.  And the background keyboards provide enough support to give it a club feel.  My personal favorite and one I am certain all the ladies are loving is “Melting Into You.”  When Nick hits you with a vocal, you feel every emotion.  This track is a smooth, sultry story being told in that voice that does make you melt into a puddle.  The melody is sweet and gentle.

“Until Tonight” is a mellower piece that is almost dreamy in nature.  It just lets you absorb all of the precision in Nick’s playing.  “Hard Line,” another vocal, and straight from the Chicago blues that this boy grew up on.  His guitar is weeping like never before.  Nick turns down the tempo on “Ports of Call,” a Latin-infused guitar piece.  It shows the versatility of this man and how easily he can float between high-powered funky tunes, and the mellow, more introspective tunes.  For true Chicago jazz, check out “On The Edge.”  Nick lets it fly on this track with riffs that defy belief.  This is signature Nick Colionne.

“Headin’ Wes Before Dawn” is a perfect tribute to Wes Montgomery,   Nick once again offers up a showcase of his talent on this very serene piece.  “Take A Walk With Me”  continues the peaceful feel, but then leads right into the tune “Godfather J,” a total funky, kick-it-out, guitar fest!  There is no holding back on this one.  Closing the album out is “Anyway,” both in vocal and instrumental versions.  The vocal is another one of those soul stirring tunes.  Nick has a way with delivering the goods on this!  The instrumental sets the mood for your own words!

This CD is an amazing compilation of varied tempos, instrumentals, and vocals.  Aptly titled, this album proves that there are no limits to where Nick Colionne can go.  Watch for the release of No Limits on July 8th.