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Release Date:
July 5, 2011

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

In the midst of the summer, guitarist Nick Colionne releases some of the hottest tracks to date on his latest called Feel The Heat. He mixes a good blend of up beat guitar along with some great vocals that makes this one a real treat. There’s always something about listening to his music that makes you feel good, and he does so here as he “turns up the heat” on these ten new tracks.

The guitar shines with some great hooks on the opener called “Some Funky.” He follows along an uninterrupted path that has this great entertainer shows off some great licks. It’s a great one to open with and is a natural lead in for the already popular “The Windy Dance” that everyone has been listening to lately. The guitar here is clean, and the hook again is set early.  His deep vocals are a nice add in on “Let’s Spend Some Time, “Can’t Let Go” and the fun closer “Po House.” Two of my favorite tracks have to be “The Connection” and another toe tapper called “It’s Going To Be Alright.” These two leave you feeling good and his guitar leads through out. They are both good indications of the talent of Colionne and the range he brings to the recording studio. “Wessin’” is one that takes its influence from Wes Montgomery and could easily become a classic for Nick.

This is a great one to try out this summer if you haven’t already. I really like music that makes you feel good and this one really does. The mix of vocals and instrumentals plays well here and breaks up the songs rather well. It’s still summer, and time to Feel The Heat.