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Release Date:
October 2, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Guitarist Marc Antoine is back at it once again with eleven new tracks that are sure to make his old fans happy as well as entertain the new ones. The sound is as clean as always as he brings that classic guitar sound to the fore front. “Like It Once Was” is the opener and has a little bit for everyone including some great sax licks and some funky riffs to go with it as well. “Montuno Bay” takes us to the tropics as the back pace quickens and you feel the warm breezes coming off the water. One of my favorites has to be “Algria.” The back beat shuffle here moves this one along well and allows Antoine to play some of his best guitar on the album. He has always been known for catchy melodies, and this one falls into that category without ever sounding too commercial. He comes back with “Red Sky” which sounds completely different than anything so far. The electronic intro gives way to Marc’s acoustic. This one is more deliberate in its approach and gives off a mysterious vibe. I think you will like it a lot.

“Mi Pueblo” features the guitarist at his best. It is a real showcase for Marc’s ability as a guitarist. There is very little here but his guitar. Light and clean with just a touch of a few other instruments from time to time. There is a leisurely pace to “Circus Afternoon” as Antoine spins the hook right away and catches the listener. It is fun how he comes back to that opening line again through out as he stretches it out with some good guitar work to complement it. “Jazz It Up” picks the pace up some as Marc get out the electric for some fun. This is a good one to hear after more of the acoustic that is primarily heard. He closes with “Ojos De Caramelo” which brings the guitarist back to his acoustic and a slower pace to round out the project.

It is good to hear Marc Antoine once again after he had taken some time off. This project is surely one that you will want to check out soon. I’ve always enjoyed where his strings take you with his interesting melodies and infectious hooks. This one will lead you there as well.