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Release Date:
June 19, 2012

Reviewed by:
Harvey Cline

Two of smooth jazz biggest stars team up for an outstanding project of ten new songs that will have everyone talking all summer. The rich saxophone of Gerald Albright joins forces with the classic guitar of Norman Brown which becomes one of those “joint Projects” that comes along every few years, while remaining to keep you thankful for a very long time.

The first track entitled “In The Moment” is an Albright penned tune that showcases the talents of both players really well. It has an infectious hook that allows each one to play off each other while walking out a little with some solo riffs as well. Gerald is all over this one as he can be heard on alto/tenor sax /flute as well as bass guitar, percussion and programming. It is a good one to start off with and gives the project a good edge. It leads in to “Keep It Moving” and that’s exactly what they do. The two players play much of this one note for note together. It’s amazing to hear just how well they play together!! They both stretch it out with some really good solo work that shows why these two are at the top of their game. “Perfect Love” leads of with Norman on lead before handing off to Gerald. The vocals at the end bring it all together for a really nice close. “Buenos Amigos” is another Albright tune that has the saxophonist on multiple instruments once more. This one has a little more bite than the previous cuts. Albright shines on some really good sax work as he works the upper register somewhat. Norman brings it back around for a good ending. “Yes You Can” is fun from the start as the two play together before Norman takes the lead. His sound here is both clean and strong. This one continues to grow and allows Albright to shine as well. It is a good lead in to the title track.

You hear a lot of Gerald’s alto here that leads in to Norman’s guitar .This is one you’ll be hearing a lot of this summer. Selina Albright is on hand to help with the vocals as well as the next one called “Champagne Life.” They close out with a beautiful ballad called “Power of Your Smile.” An intro by the two of them where they both play the same notes gives way for Norman’s haunting guitar. I think this one has to be my favorite. Gerald’s spot here as he takes the lead is a good reflection of Norman’s previous guitar. It really is nice the way the two of them play with each other, note for note. A great way to end the project.

I’m sure you will want to pick this one up real soon. These two veterans show why they have been at the top of the smooth jazz music scene for years now. Neither of them get in a big hurry here, and each note is laid out for a purpose. The mutual respect they have for each other really comes through. Be sure to pick up a copy soon.